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You were made for more! It will do nothing but disappoint. This is what keeps you inspired; keeps you reaching for more!

A Fresh Idea on Organizing Your Life

When is the last time you set a personal goal that is bigger than you? God wants you to create big goals, dream the dreams He presses on you to live out, and then God wants you to depend on Him with all of your new plans. This is exciting! The best part is that if you are only focusing on all your tasks that can engulf you as a mother, you are not living at your full potential.

The Planner Perfect planner keeps your motherhood organized, AND gives you room to live out your personal goals. Get your planner for the new year, now, and be organized for life!

You will receive a pdf download of my eBook, Planner Perfect. This eBook, will inspire, take you step-by-step on how to use your new planner, and will show you how to be organized in your home to how to set goals and dream bigger dreams. This planner harnesses your life, perfectly.

Our girls need to learn at an early age to dream big, set goals and circle them in prayer.

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It is set-up for them just like ours. My daughter works in her planner right next to me and is dreamy to do together. But, like the physical planner, they all encourage you to reflect on your achievements, good things that happened during the day, and how you could improve. You can also capture the high points of your day with their daily snap feature. Then, if you want, view all your photos as a timeline.

Also brought to you by the creators of the Five Minute Journal, The Productivity Planner is another exemplary planner product. This is how it works: The Productivity Planner helps you to prioritize and fulfill the most vital tasks on your to-do list.

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This works wonders for helping you complete all your tasks so you can look back on your day with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. They believe that to bring a vision to life, it needs to be broken up into smaller pieces. To fulfill their mission, they created The Habit System Planner.

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This three-month planner is designed to help you become your best self. This journal encourages users to take time to think about how each of their actions forms part of a more significant habit. Yes, everything we do—from the way we communicate, to how we breathe—is all habitual. The Habit System Planner also came to life with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. This prompted him to find alternative ways to stay focused and productive. Thus, the Bullet Journal was born. Consequently, you should end up living a more intentional, productive, and meaningful life. Like other planner businesses in this list, The Bullet Journal was also brought to life with a Kickstarter campaign.

As the name of this planner product suggests, The Happiness Planner is expertly designed to not only manage your schedule but also to encourage you to live a genuinely happy life. The planner prompts you to live in a way that reflects who you truly are, all while harnessing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude. As you can probably tell, this journal emphasizes the importance of self-development.


These planners are printed on textured paper which feels a lot like fabric and have a hard cover. The covers are decorated with either a rose gold-colored or silver logo and corners. As you can see, there are several different types of planners. Traditional day planners usually follow either a one or two-page per day format, broken down into increments of time. This work wonders for helping busy people juggle numerous appointments, tasks, and errands.

These days, there are hundreds of day planners on the market. Similarly, a calendar planner does much of the same thing, only it focuses on a yearly overview instead which is typically broken down into weeks. Some of the examples we just spoke about in the previous section of this guide are day planners, so circle back to them if you need inspiration. These planners usually include handy checklists, prompted sections, blank spaces, and mini folders to keep all your party planning documents, ideas, and schedules in one place.

Best of all, party planners usually look gorgeous! Yes, there are tons of apps, software, and gadgets entrepreneurs can use to help them schedule their time, however, more and more business owners are turning to traditional paper planners specifically designed for people running their own brand. This is where diet and fitness planners come into play. These journals tend to have sections for:. This should give you a feel for which weight and brand of paper meet your standards.

There are several binding options to choose from:. The majority of experts say stitched binding or a combination of stitch and glue is by far the best. When selecting the cover of your planner, spend some time weighing the pros and cons of soft vs. Interestingly, planner sizing is almost standardized.

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American planners. European sizes typically come in categories A, B, and C. The smaller the number, the bigger the paper. These letters all share the same ratio, which makes them the same shape, but different sizes. A0 is the largest size, and conversely the rarest—it has a whopping area of one square meter The size of your planner will mainly come down to what your customers are using it for. Pocket-sized notebooks are usually the lightest option and sometimes have as little as 50 pages whereas a half-letter is often the best allrounder which, if in doubt, tends to be the safest bet.

The number of pages your planner has, again, depends on its purpose. You should also consider whether you want users to be able to remove slips of paper without tearing the pages. This would mean that you would want to add perforation marks on each page so users can tear them out easily, if need be. This is what you need to know to take action on your planner business. A digital mockup is exactly what it sounds like. This is just a digital prototype of how you want your planner to look. You have a few options.

You can use a site like Creative Market to create a digital version of your planner. Alternatively, head over to an online freelancing network like Upwork or Fivver. Alternatively, if you think you have the skill and the know-how to do this job justice, try creating a product mockup yourself. Use a tool like Lulu xPress or Blurb to design the initial prototype of your planner. This stage is essential for giving you a better idea of size, the number of pages, the cover, binding options, etc.

Generally, you should expect to wait between 3 to 5 days to receive your product in the mail. Alternatively, you can use a site like Blurb to create your planner business prototype. They have a template for a yearly journal that you could easily use as a framework for your planner.

Planner Perfect To Go Review {& Giveaway}

You can include up to pages, quotes, and prompted pages. From there, Blurb provides you with everything you need to create your planner! As a general rule, their journal paper comes uncoated and in their standard color, 70 text stock. Hopefully, the information below will help you decide on the best sourcing method for your planner business. Print-on-demand is probably the least complex and most accessible option. Not only can you customize your planner to a degree but the packaging and shipping of your products are also handled by your supplier.