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I am going to try roasted radishes. My rosemary plant is only herb I kept alive from the summer. I recently tried jicama and it was weird…no taste. Renee: Jicama is great in salads and as a wrap if you get the thin sheets! And you can cut it into sticks and use it with dips. I never do the veggies in the pot because I like the burnt sugar crisp I get from the oven. I toss carrots and potatoes in olive oil with rosemary and garlic, roast them on a cookie sheet, then drizzle them with Sherry vinegar.

Nay: OMG, there is nothing like roasted veggies with lots of good spices. Amy: I love roasting veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper. I usually toss together chopped carrots, Brussels sprouts, and a small mesh bag of potatoes I get from the commissary which has small Yukon gold, red, and purple potatoes I slice the potatoes in half then roast them, and at the end I throw in asparagus.

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All of the colors make it SO appealing. But for this recipe I put them in the bottom of the slow cooker to cook in the broth and pepperoncini juice and WOW! That sounds awesome! Oh, and I toss some garlic powder or chopped garlic and some balsamic vinegar in with the veggies.

That extra acidity makes them delicious!! Amy: It is delicious, Nay! The carrots add some veggie sweetness and the Brussels sprouts carmelize, and the purple and red potatoes add in their own unique flavors as well. Then there is the bright green of the asparagus which completes the color scheme. Just be sure if you use purple potatoes to toss them separately from the other potatoes before adding them to the roasting pan or else the purple will get all over the other potatoes.

I love parsnips. That sounds yum too. I make it all the time.

When it cools a little, fork the squash into a strainer over a bowl so it can drain. Then I use it like spaghetti. Leslie M: R. I have to try that.

II. Hell Is a Cold Place

I think hubs would love that with meatballs. But mine is the quick recipe—put chicken tenderloins in a skillet with olive oil, crushed garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and some salsa. Do a quick simmer and then shred it and roll it up with shredded jack cheese on warm flour tortillas. I make variations of this for them all the time.

And I make sure not to overcook them. Lemon and cardamom. But they look yummy. The biscuits that is LOL not the hairy bikers.

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Kind of shortbread. Maryse: Jan your cookies sound delightful. I miss a shortbread Christmas cookie or is it a sugar cookie that had Anise it it. Renee: Braising is just cooking it, covered, in a shallow pan with liquid. You brown the pieces first, remove, make a simple broth, can cook it in there.

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  4. This is one of my favorite braising recipes. I use quarters, rosemary, jarred garlic, and whatever cajun seasoning I have on hand. Breast meat is different. If it is, just toss it and get a new one. Sharon F: Any recommendations on food processors? My beloved and ancient cuisinart is on its last leg! I think I want another cuisinart pro classic, but may want to upgrade in size from the my 7 cup. Amy: Food processors are SO worth the investment. I use mine as often as if not more than my slow cooker. They are especially helpful when you have to great a large amount of cheese.

    You have to be careful as to not splatter everywhere, and…of course a little scarier because soup was boiling hot, but…it worked just fine. It was very nice not having to clean blender or food processor.

    So yay me and my homemade tomato soup!! Tasha J: Omg I bought an immersion blender specifically for tomatoe bisque. The instructions warned about the suction, I thought I could handle it…nope!

    So what time is the witching hour?

    I poured a little, maybe halfway in the pitcher thing it came with and it shot right to the bottom, tomato bisque straight from crockpot, boiling hot shot straight out and everywhere. Including my poor hands. I just put the rest in my blender afterwards. Five Fun Facts about Regarding West …. Dammit all to hell. Why did I let Tim talk me into taking summer classes? A far cry from the guy I was a few years ago.

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    I can practically see that asshole looking down his nose at me. I curse again under my breath and figure I might as well get it over with. I walk towards Tim and he looks up, his surprise immediately turning to anger. He is normally a soft-spoken guy but his temper will flare over anything school related.

    He is a complete workaholic and he expects perfection from me as far as my schoolwork goes. Actually, he expects perfection from me pretty much all the time.

    What brings you here so early in the morning? Do you know how much work I get done before eight thirty every morning? I notice, for the first time, that he looks tired and his eyes are bloodshot. He is usually so put together that it startles me to see him so disheveled.

    Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

    I start to offer some sort of lame excuse but he interrupts me. I need to talk to you about some things and it might as well happen now. I will call Headmaster Kelley and let him know that you will be taking a personal day. Without another word, Tim heads to his car and I turn back towards the parking lot. I can feel my heart pounding in my ears and my hands turn clammy.

    This is the conversation I have dreaded for over a year. He has finally decided that he is better off without me and he is sending me home. I climb in my car and decide that I might need to go ahead and take another little pill before this conversation. Better to be numb if we are going to go back down this road.

    Slowly, I trudge into the mudroom and drop my backpack on the floor. I hear Tim in the kitchen making coffee and I walk in to accept my fate. He turns to look at me and I see the tears in his eyes. For the first time, it occurs to me that this might not be about me.