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As far as my memory extends, has always distorted the truth.

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Topics she lies about seem to revolve mostly but not exclusively about how she manages money. With my father she would lie to cover up things we did that might need some sort of disciplinary action. Ultimately she wracked up such debts that my father came home to find the house repossessed.

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Really, she is a simple, uneducated woman with a learning disability but her lying has persisted into her 80's. She has nothing but her monthly pension which is sad given how much money was squandered, but that means us kids are now kicking money in help her with her few bills. Even there she lies and we've had to figure out ways to get those bills actually covered and the cash not diverted elsewhere past and present its not clear where and on what she spends on, there's nothing to show except the odd trinket.

In many cases, long term lying of this kind lasts as long as those who are lied to allow it to work. I'll post that quote into my email signature line to my brothers and sisters. Until dad passed there was a layer of insulation. Only recently we've figured out its essential to share info so we know the facts. Unbelievable how many times we were willing to make the same mistake over and over. We weren't quick studies I'll admit. My daughter is 11, and appears to my husband and I to just lie constantly, our first daughter is 13 and on the whole doesn't seen to lie much at all, really just want to know what is normal, and if I should be seeking help, here is a list of her recent lying.

Taking chocolates that were a present, continued to deny despite evidence.

Told her teacher an iron had fallen on her, when she had scratched her own face in her sleep. This one is particularly disturbing, I'm expecting a visit from doc's any minute! Saying she changed her bed, when she hadn't. Saying she has brushed her teeth, when she hasn't has had to have 3 teeth removed due to decay Cutting holes in her top and sheets, denying it.

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Food colouring on her sheets, not just the ones on the bed, all the ones in the cupboard, still has admitted that one. Saying she has eaten her lunch, when she hasn't And numerous other little things, I'd say we catch her out lying at least once a week, I'm very trusting in nature and finding it very hard, because I hardly believe a thing she says anymore.

What do you think? In general, when in doubt about whether problematic behavior with your adolescent warrants helping attention, get an outside consultation to help evaluate the data you present. Just because more lying in early adolescence may be normal doesn't mean it is okay. It is a fugitive, manipulative, and false way to account for what is really going on.

You can't have trust without truth, intimacy without honesty.

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Get an outside opinion is my opinion. Although its an investment in time, possibly you may be doing your daughter a favour by attending with her to do the task she would otherwise lie about having completed. Especially the safety or health oriented tasks brushing teeth, cleaning sheets. Thank you so much for your article. It was right on target. I have been so frustrated on what to do with my daughters lying. The manipulation to my face, it is so painful, heart breaking. It is like she has 2 personalities, one is a mjot suck up the other is a flat out liar.

I love her so much, but it hurts So much You have to keep letting her know how it feels to be lied to, have a discussion about why the lie was told, tell her how the habit of lying to you now will hurt her if it goes on in later relationships, provide some task for her to work off the offense, and then reinstate your trust in being told the truth. You need to give her a positive opportunity to be honest with you next time around.

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Also, you can tell her that although it hurts to be on the receiving end of deceit, you'd rather be the person lied to than the person lying who must live in hiding, fearful of discovery, and doesn't have the courage or esteem to tell the truth in a relationship built on love. Hi I am failing to understand why my 14 year old lies so much. I have sat him down and told him the consequences of lying but it seems to continue almost for negative attention at home and school!

Can medication be one of the causes of making this matter more serious? I feel I just can't believe even some of the basic things he tells me anymore. Maybe if I understood more about it I could help?

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In dire need as emotionally drained! Right now, his lying is your problem. You need to make it his problem. Therefore simply state and mean: "Whether you choose to lie or tell the truth to me is up to you. How I respond is up to me. So you just need to know, that until I get a consistent record of truth from you, I will be less likely to permit, provide, and believe what you want.

Of course, whether you choose to lie or tell me truth, my love for you doesn't change. Only how we get along. I am 53 your old stay at home mother, married 30 years, we have provided a modest life style layed back safe open enviroment,decided to stay home rather than day cares, I just don't get it why she is lying now doing vaping and now pot and I have no idea, we let her go and do things with her friends , she has a horse, she thinks she is mature, so we let her do mature like things, hanging out ,movies, no riding in cars with anyone.

We have taking them places every year her life, skiing, travel, we dont as ask much of them except good grades. My feelings for her have changed, I will never trust her again, and I am a very trusting person. Her brother just turned 18 and couldn't ask for abetter teenage son, never gives me any trouble , always stays home most of the time, doesnt help out around the house much, but good grades, bad OCD, my daughter is is stressing my husband and I , but husband dont have time for family therapy and dosnt feel it would help, we gave her freedom and she blew it.

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She is not a bad kid but feel she is hanging out with kids at school that have drugs, her music, way she dresses has changed , hiphop style. She has said everyone of those 10 lie statements. I think it will be years before I can trust her. Any good advise that she will take. She is only nice when she wants something. Ready to give up. Try going to Al-Anon -- support for people who have a loved one whose life is being disorganized by substance use. Look up local meetings in your area. I have full custody of a 13 year old who's mother is a borderline personality type. She made it a habit to lie about anything and everything while our son was growing up.

He's now exhibiting some traits that are worrisome. He'll lie to impress someone, lie to escape punishment, lie to gain freedom with friends and activities. Most lies are minor and not what I would consider "out of the ordinary" for an adolescent. Taking away privileges, games, phone, etc Providing amnesty to try to gain some trust works only after the punishment has been served and he has time to think about the time vs. Any suggestions for lying right into the face of truth? Maybe explain that his lying is not simply of concern in his relationship to you, but if the habit continues how it will impact other significant relationships to come.

Thus to avoid creating sorrow in later relationships people that matter breaking off with him , you are acting to encourage him to practice honesty with you now. My 11 yr old daughter recently or maybe it's been going on longer has been lying. Here are some examples: saying her homework is done or she left it at home, but she NEVER did it; saying she studied for a test - but didn't study for it; saying she ate 1 cookie - when she ate almost the whole box, saying she wasn't watching a video - when she is watching a video after I told her not to.

I am really worried for her and I told her that if she did this in the real world - she would be fired from her job. I, also, took her ipad and phone from her. She's extremely upset about this.

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But, I think all of the junk she watches on these devices is harming her mind. Anyway - there's actually 2 things going on - the lying and the failing grades. I almost forgot to mention - but - this is very important - she has figured out my password to my iTunes account and made unauthorized purchases - more than once.

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I really feel like a bad mother right now - like I haven't been good enough at setting limits or disciplining her. When I was a kid - I never did this sort of thing. I was always honest - so it's been hard for me to accept that she does this and I keep believing she won't do it again. Best to expect that she will continue to behave this way and get yourself some supportive counseling to help figure out strategies to use and stands to take to help her back into responsible bounds.

Dear Dr, Thank you so much for writing this excellent article! I am sitting here at Am on a Sunday morning googling why our 14 year old daughter will not stop lying about everything, and am at my wits end. She is our 3rd daughter, and the other 2 lied, but not like her. Everything on your list.