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Instead, everyone is nice to each other in that very English way where you're not sure whether they actually mean it. But did you hear that the clergyman is single again? Just fess up already — we know you want to shag that saintly fella.


Pretending you actually like spending that much time at church So nothing happens. It's all just a lot of chattering. Teeth chattering, teacups chattering. So and so have split up, so and so wants to have lunch, so and so is an atheist. By George, I do say! So even though I came out of this whole affair none the wiser, I enjoyed the experience in the same way that one enjoys that looped video of a fire burning in the fireplace you don't have.

It's pleasant in some strange way. I can't say I found any of it laugh-out-loud funny, though maybe that's because I'm not English and I like my humor a bit wetter. Maybe dipped in the tea.

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Though, speaking of excellent, there are some excellent character names here: Rockingham Napier. Allegra Gray. Everard Bone. Dora Caldicote. Esther Clovis. Sister Blatt. Sister Blatt!

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Tea time! Oct 05, Oct 09, This one was a real disappointment. Unfortunately the book doesn't li This one was a real disappointment. Unfortunately the book doesn't live up to it. Who are these "people" to begin with? In the end we're left with one guy who very likely did it.

Kind 44 (Leo Demidov, #1) by Tom Rob Smith

No "people", just one dude that was into some kinky shit. And no, if your ears perked up at the sound of that, chill - that's also not as freaky as some of the stuff you'll see on "Mindhunter". I'd love to go to Japan at some point, but everything I've heard about the country suggests that it's a freaky place. The high suicide rate, rapid advancements in AI, young people who are uninterested in physical relationships, and the popularity of elder porn all add up to make for one hell of a "Black Mirror" episode.

Smith, Tom Rob

But this story is one of the least "weird" Japanese things I've heard. It's an interesting case, but not so interesting that I'd want to read a book about it. As a result, I sort of wish I had known something about this case before reading this book According to the "Popular Answered Questions" on this book's Goodreads page, though, this title is a reference to a Japanese phrase which associates "eating darkness" with "flirting with the dark side".

Talk about a letdown Sep 25, In Between the Sheets. This one really should have been left in the laundry basket. But this… This one really should have been left in the laundry basket. I picked this up while visiting Dublin. While spending my vacation browsing its shelves my eyes fell on this collection of short stories. This was supposed to be a sexy read and that alone made me bypass many of the other no doubt excellent books I brought back from that excellent bookstore to read this one first. Nothing about this is sexy at all. I'm thinking of the father in the title story and his incestuous feelings for his young daughter and his regularly gross sexual feelings for her similarly young friend.

Nothing here is especially well-written. Am I alone in feeling that way? Jul 29, Aug Treasure Island.

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  7. Stevenson, Robert Louis. There is no doubt that Robert Louis Stevenson is most responsible for the way we see pirates today. Treasure maps where "x marks the spot", black spot There is no doubt that Robert Louis Stevenson is most responsible for the way we see pirates today.

    e-book Agent 6: Roman (Leo Demidow 3) (German Edition)

    Treasure maps where "x marks the spot", black spots, peg-legged sailers, parrots hollering "pieces of eight" - all that and more originates in his classic adventure yarn, "Treasure Island". On an even deeper, psychological level, I think that which draws us to tropical islands - as well as the mystique and allure that such islands hold for us - has a lot to do with the subtle influence Stevenson's book and person have had on us, on our culture, and on the way we perceive such "foreign lands".

    Stevenson likely wouldn't want responsibility for everything his book inspired - Long John Silvers might very well be America's shittiest fast-food chain, though competition is fierce - but his legacy was cemented long before fast sea food chains became a thing. Pirates are cool because Stevenson made them cool, and that happened long before Jack Sparrow came along. Having just read "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" I have a newfound appreciation for Stevenson's abilities as a writer.

    Hyde" as well. Which is to say that I like "Treasure Island" better. Stevenson just lets the story do the talking here, and it's such an enjoyable tale that I reckon it's impossible for anyone not to get swept along in the reading of it.

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    5. Stevenson was a travel writer too, and his love for the outside world is clearly evident here. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. And "Treasure Island" takes us with him. Just another reason why this is one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read. Jul 02, Jul 04, They should let Russia come back in because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.

      Laughable as almost everything about Trump is, for one reason or another the man who would be king appears to increasingly be under the sway of that cold, calculating tyrant in the east. Whatever Putin has — or doesn't have — on Trump, the idea of Russia as some sort of friend to the U. The U. Lugovoi and Kovtun are such insanely transparent dolts — going so far as to dress the part of Russian gangsters — that a woman who encounters both men in the London hotel where they're at one point staying jokingly asks whether they work for the KGB.

      As both men repeatedly bungle the operation, it becomes clear that two villages somewhere in Siberia have lost their idiots. The first attempt to poison Litvinenko involved a meeting that went like this, according to Harding. Then Lugovoi steered the conversation round to tea. He suggested they all drink some, joking that the English had cups of tea all the time. Lugovoi was weirdly persistent.

      When Litvinenko declines to drink the tea the first time the two men attempt to poison him, another trip to Moscow is made to get more poison. A London High Court ruled in that the two men would likely have been unable to acquire this very expensive, very rare poison twice at that had the operation not been directly ordered by Putin.

      A later incident sees Lugovoi flush the remainder of the polonium down the sink of his hotel bathroom. He mops up the remainder of the poison with a hand towel from the hotel. Probably the most radioactive towel in history. Harding covers the assassinations of other Putin critics, such as Boris Nemtsov, thus revealing the extent of the crime and corruption in Russia under its criminal President, Vladimir Putin.

      This is indeed the stuff of spy thrillers, but unlike James Bond, there are no good guys here.

      Funding opportunities

      There are victims like Litvinenko, Nemtsov, and all the others that Putin and his cronies have ordered killed. There are villains like Putin and the comically absurd duo of Lugovoi and Kovtun.

      gErMaNy sUfFeRs ft. LEOPARD 2A5 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

      And then there are western politicians, like former British PM David Cameron and current PM Theresa May, who merely shrugged their shoulders when Putin was essentially convicted in a London High Court of ordering the murders of his enemies — nevermind if those enemies happened to be British citizens. All these politicians trot out the same tired lines about needing to engage with Russia on important geopolitical relations, like defeating ISIS in Syria.

      Russian action in Syria has always been about keeping the government of Putin-ally Bashar al-Ashad from crumbling.